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Featured "Joint-Venture" Agreements That You Can Use as a GUIDE:

• Joint-Marketing Agreement Template ( PDF, DOC ) >>

A Joint Marketing agreement is used for one of the more popular types of partnership, where 2 companies join forces to:

a) Promote one of the company's products/services, where the promotor receives a bounty based on involvement, performance or otherwise mesaurable results;

b) Cross-promote eachother - profits may or may not be shared.

In this particular template, "Company A" is the main character, while "Company B" provides a product or service to complement Company A's large customer/user base.

"Company B" has the option of cross-promoting "Company A" as well. Click to Download...


• Consulting/Specialist Agreement Template ( PDF, DOC ) >>

A Consulting/Specialist agreement is used when a specialist or analyst (such as a marketing consultant, engineer, etc.) negotiates with a certain group or company and exchanges expertise, knowledge, skills and/or work for a share of revenues or some other form of compensation.

In this particular template, "Company A" is an existing business, while "Consultant" is the specialist or consultant.

This template could be adjusted or adapted to create a basic venture-capital or licensing agreement/contract as well. Click to Download...


Note: Use these agreement templates as a guide for drafting your own agreements - always consult a licensed attorney or legal advisor before implementing any agreement or contract. Read our complete disclaimer and terms of service BEFORE downloading...


Both JV Agreements are included in my JV Course:

"A 'Paint by Numbers' Blueprint for Creating One Profitable Joint-Venture After the Next..."

- Dr. Mani Sivasubrmanian

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